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The following guidelines should be considered as best practices for outdoor worship based on current knowledge:

  • Pre-screening questionnaire; Are you ill? Have you been ill within the last 14 days? Have you been with anyone who has been ill? Consider not allowing entry if there is a positive response to any of these questions..
  • Register names of participants.
  • Recommended the elderly 65+ not attend
  • Masks are mandatory
  • Bring your own chair, towel or blanket to sit upon
  • Monitor and direct participants from the parking area to the worship area keeping distances
  • In the worship area keep 6 feet of distance from each other or family group. Mark out the area before hand.
  • No choirs or group singing – Preferred soloist or duet or musical instrument – all 25 feet back from front row
  • Minister and Reader – both 25 feet back from front row
  • Readers should bring their own copy of text or bible
  • Only one person should use microphone
  • Offering box or basket located near arrival point
  • No communion or food and beverage service
  • Exit in an orderly fashion