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Granting and Enabling

Grants Available to Communities of Faith

  • Mission Support
    For missions and ministries core funding needs
  • Good Samaritan Fund
    For programs to support seniors at risk
  • Erskine & American – Mountainside Fund
    For programs to support outreach or transformation
  • F.W. Kelley Trust Fund
    To support new or innovative ministry programs
  • Bhal Jun Fund
    To support ministries special needs
  • Ste-Thérèse Fund
    To support Laurentian Area Ministry in French
  • Trois Rivières Funds & Grand Mère Fund
    To support ministries in French, Québec-Sherbrooke Area needs,
  • United Church of Canada Foundation
    To support communities of faith in various programs

Funding available

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Application and Report forms

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