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General Council 45

Consider becoming a nominee for Commissioner to GC45

Conseil régional Nakonha:ka is entitled to name ten people as commissioners, as well as a slate of alternates (up to 5) to represent the Regional Council at the 45th General Council meeting. The 45th General Council of The United Church of Canada will meet in-person on August 7-12, 2025 in Calgary, AB. General Council Commissioners are voting members of the General Council meeting, and serve as commissioners for three (3) years.

General Council is the decision-making body of the United Church as a whole. It brings together Commissioners (those elected to be members of this meeting of the General Council) to help set the course for the future of the United Church. GC45 Commissioners will need to be available for education sessions online on April 27, June 22 and June 28, 2025. Please note, if for any reason you cannot attend the Orientation session on April 27th, it will be recorded to be viewed at your convenience. However, you are required to attend the June meetings as no recordings will be available.

For more information, please read “Serving as Commissioner to the 45th General Council“.

Invitation from The Moderator: The Moderator invites you to consider becoming a nominee for General Council Commissioner both in English and in French.

If you feel called to serve as a GC45 commissioner, please fill out the expression of interest form below. Deadline to apply is September 20, 2024.