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Nominations / Expressions of Interest

Commissioners for General Council 44

The Position of General Council Commissioner is to serve a three (3) year term, and to participate in any preparatory sessions prior to attending the General Council meeting in Calgary (July 21-25, 2021).

Also, Commissioners will participate in follow-up video conferences, will be available at Regional Council meetings, and will visit ministry sites to share experiences and information.

For more information, please consult the Manual 2019


extended to October 30, 2020

Regional Council President-Elect

Consult the Regional Council Governance Handbook on the Policies page for more information about the mandate of the President-Elect


extended to October 30, 2020

Regional Council Executive and Leadership Teams

Consult the Governance and Leadership page for more information about the mandates and membership of leadership teams

  • Executive Committee (2-year term)
  • Granting and Enabling Leadership Team
  • Justice and Community Ministries Leadership Team
  • Licensed Lay Worship Leaders Leadership Team
  • New Ministry Development, Support and Visioning Leadership Team
  • Nominations Leadership Team
  • Pastoral Relations Leadership Team
  • Planning Regional Gatherings Leadership Team
  • Property and Finance Leadership Team
  • Youth and Family Ministries Leadership Team

Please submit expression of interest / nomination forms to Rev. Tami Spires (additional contact info on forms)