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Remit 1: Establishing an Autonomous National Indigenous Organization

The governing board of each pastoral charge has a right and responsibility to vote on this remit, and all votes must be submitted before March 31, 2024. 

Background information

At the 44th General Council, which met virtually between February 2022 and August 2022, the General Council approved an amendment to the Basis of Union in The Manual of The United Church of Canada to establish an autonomous National Indigenous Organization. It also authorized a Category 3 Remit to test the will of the church with respect to this change.

Between March 15, 2023 and March 31, 2024, every regional council and each pastoral charge’s governing body will be asked to approve an amendment to the Basis of Union of The Manual establishing an autonomous Indigenous Church structure. An amendment to the Basis of Union requires a category 3 remit.

Learn more

The Remit 1 information page on the 44th General Council site includes links to the following resources:

  • Video by Adele Halliday, Anti-Racism and Equity Lead, and Sara Stratton, Reconciliation and Indigenous Justice Animator, responding to questions about the remit
  • Study Guide
  • Calls to the Church
  • United Church Statement on UNDRIP
  • Affirming Other Spiritual Paths
  • Pastoral charge response form*

*The governing board of each pastoral charge has a right and responsibility to vote on this remit, and all votes must be submitted by mail or by email before March 31, 2024 to:

Alison Jordan
Law Clerk
The United Church of Canada
Suite 200
3250 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON
M8X 2Y4
Fax: 416-232-6006
E-mail: ajordan@united-church.ca

REMINDER: If a pastoral charge does not submit a vote, the default will be to count the missing vote as a vote against the remit.

Indigenous Peoples Speak to the Remit

In July 2023, people from Indigenous communities across The United Church of Canada came together at the National Indigenous Spiritual Gathering, where they discussed and voted on Remit 1: Establishing an Autonomous Indigenous Organization. Much wisdom was shared about why the Indigenous church wants this change in structure, and what it means for everyone in the church. The remit passed overwhelmingly at this gathering – now it is up to those who haven’t yet voted to have their say. But first, please see and hear what was said at the Spiritual Gathering in this new video (released on November 21, 2023)

Regional Council Information Sessions

Two online information sessions (one in English and one in French) were held in October 2023 for members of East Central Ontario Regional Council (ECORC), Eastern Ontario Outaouais Regional Council (EOORC) and Conseil régional Nakonha:ka Regional Council (CrNRC). The recordings of the two sessions are available below.

Remit 1 Information Session
(October 4, 2023)

In this video, Rev. Éric Hébert-Daly, Executive Minister for EOORC, ECORC and CrNRC and The Rev. Dr. Teresa Burnett-Cole, lead a discussion on Remit 1: Establishing an autonomous national indigenous organization. The discussion includes the history behind the Remit, the implications for voting, and what is being asked of your community of faith.

Séance d’apprentissage sur renvoi 1
(11 octobre 2023)

Dans cette vidéo, le pasteur Éric Hébert-Daly, ministre exécutif de l’EOORC, de l’ECORC et de la CrNRC, anime une séance d’apprentissage à propos du Renvoi 1: Création d’une organisation nationale autochtone autonome. La discussion porte sur l’historique du renvoi, les implications du vote et ce qui est demandé à votre communauté de foi.