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Records of United Church of Canada are held throughout the country in Regional Archives and the General Council Archives.

Conseil régional Nakonha:ka Regional Council Archives

Civil Register Inquiries:
Fill in the Civil Register Request Form and return with payment and proof of identification.

Information for Congregations:

Other documentation for communities of faith can be found at: https://www.unitedchurcharchives.ca/transferring-records/congregations/

Regional Archives

(Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Sackville, St. Johns)

  • Regional Archives hold records of Regions, Communities of Faith, former Conferences and presbyteries.
  • Regional Archives hold various types of records: administrative records, congregational records, vital statistics records and registers, and local church history file collections.
  • Regional Archives handle all certificate requests (baptismal, marriage)

Visit the United Church of Canada Archives website for contact information for regional archivists, links to their websites, and information on sending records to regional archives.

General Council Archives


  • General Council Archives holds the records of the General Council of the United Church and it’s antecedent denominations (Methodist, some Presbyterian, Evangelical United Brethren and Congregational).
  • General Council Archives also collects personal papers of Church leaders and prominent members of the church community, inter-church and ecumenical records, social justice and Canadian history records, missionary photographs and papers, and holds an extensive publication and ephemera collection.

Visit the United Church of Canada Archives website to find out more.

Policy for Requesting Change of Official Records After Gender Transition

In 2011, the Trans/gender Diversity Working Group recommended that the United Church of Canada propose a policy for the replacement of historical documents such as ordination, commissioning and baptismal certificates, when requested by an individual who claims a new gender identity and changes names.

Download PDF: Replacement of historical documents after gender transition procedures

For listings of records in the archives

For records of the former Montreal Presbytery, the Consistoire Laurentien and their pastoral charges, Quebec-Sherbrooke Presbytery pastoral charges outside of the Eastern Townships and the Quebec pastoral charges in the Outaouais go to:


  • Montreal Presbytery, Consistoire Laurentien and their pastoral charges are at the BAnQ-Vieux-Montréal
  • Quebec pastoral charges in the Outaouais are at BAnQ-Vieux-Montréal except for the congregations that came together to form Grace United Church, Gatineau which are at BAnQ-Gatineau
  • Quebec-Sherbrooke Presbytery pastoral charges outside of the Eastern Townships are at BAnQ-Sherbrooke

For those of the Eastern Townships pastoral charges and the Quebec-Sherbrooke Presbytery go to:


Please note that the records of the former Ottawa and Seaway Valley Presbyteries are in the Ottawa City Archives and you can find those listings at the website of the Eastern Ontario Ouataouais Region: https://eoorc.ca/

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