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The Executive of the General Council at its meeting on November 19, 2022 has approved the appointment of the Rev. Éric Hébert-Daly as the Executive Minister for Nakonha:ka, East Central Ontario and Eastern Ontario Outaouais regional councils. Éric will begin his ministry in early January 2023.

Éric has served as the Responsable, Ministries in French since 2018. He was ordained in 2020. Prior to his leadership of Ministries in French, Éric served for 9 years as the National Executive Director of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, and four years as the Federal Secretary (National Director) of the New Democratic Party of Canada.

He brings to the role a strong commitment to working collaboratively, creative and imaginative leadership, and a hope-filled passion for the church. We are grateful that Éric has responded to the call to serve the church in this new role at this particular time.