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Message from Quebec Public Health and la Table interreligieuse de concertation

Drawing of four people with different skin colours wearing medical masks for COVID protection - Dessin de quatre personnes de différentes couleurs de peau portant des masques médicaux pour la protection COVIDA recent email from Public Health to la Table interreligieuse de concertation invites those responsible for places of worship to participate in awareness-raising efforts on the importance of wearing a mask in public places. This is not obligatory, but participation on our part can help to ensure that the number of people requiring hospital care remains reasonable, thus removing any possibility of restrictive health measures, as we have already experienced.

The email (link below) contains a link to a poster that we can print and display in our places of worship.

Download email (in French): https://bit.ly/2022-12-COVID-SantePublique

Message from Canada Public Health

Rev. Dan Hayward, our acting Executive Minister, also recently attended the Public Health Agency of Canada’s session with faith leaders, which presented a similar message about vaccination.

Download presentation (PDF): PHAC Presentation-Dec 7 2022_FINAL(EN)
Download mailer (PDF): Keep-COVID-19_Vaccinations-Up-To-Date-Mailer-EN