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It is with surprise and disbelief
that we learned of the terrible incident
which happened at this daycare.
We entrust to you, O our God, all our concern
and even our anger in such circumstances.
We entrust to you the families of the two dead children
and those who were injured in this tragedy.
We ask you to hold all the children and their parents
who are now going through hard times
remembering everything that happened to them.
We pray for all the witnesses
of such a scene
We ask you for rapid healing
and to alleviate painful memories
that are currently causing them distress.
Restore to all the confidence they had prior to
this tragic event.
We pray that the safety of children
and daycare staff
will be restored.
Restore calm and peace
Where this sad event has made its impact.
We all entrust ourselves to you
like the disciples of Christ
who experienced a moment of fear
which overtook them
during a storm on Lake Galilee.

Pierre-Paul Lafond

On February 8, a bus drove into the Sainte-Rose daycare center in Laval.
Two children are dead and six injured; the bus driver was arrested.