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Getting Started in Stewardship–The place to begin! Communities of faith that start here have better success on their stewardship journey. The 90-minute session and 3 follow-up assignments get you ready to proceed to other stewardship programs. April 10, 2024

Bequests and Estate Giving Spring 2024– Join Jess Smith (United Church Foundation) and I for a two-session webinar on how your community of faith can set up your Planned Legacy Program and inspire and invite planned gifts.
April 24 and May 8, 2024 

Mission and Service – This note from Sarah Charters (our Executive Officer of Philanthropy).  We would like to thank all the Communities of Faith who forwarded their contributions on time allowing our finance team to provide us with these numbers earlier than in previous years. We would also like to express our heartfelt appreciation for the ongoing and generous support you have given to Mission and Service.

There is good news to report. The Mission and Service contributions by Congregations, UCW and Special Donations all exceeded budget and the totals for these three areas, sitting at $17,090,056, were slightly over the 2022 actuals of $17,062,694. In addition, out of the 19 regions, only one was under the 2022 contributions and that was by a small amount.

The amounts raised for Mission and Service from Direct Gifts, Foundation Gifts and Legacies were below budget, as well as below the 2022 actual amounts. The total for these three areas in 2023 was $3,741,507, which was below the 2022 actuals of $4,069,520.

For this initial report, the total for Mission and Service from these areas was $20,831,564. This compares favourably to the total budget of $20,225,000, and is close to the 2022 actual amount raised of $21,132,213.


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