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Called to be the Church: The Journey - Getting started in stewardship

May Stewardship Update

May is PAR Month: Our Philanthropy Staff Team have just created some resources for pastoral charges to create their own Pre-Authorized Remittance campaign this month (or whenever)!  Resources include a Step-By-Step Guide to creating your Own Par Campaign, A Sample Plan, A PAR Sermon, communication messages, as well as links to other previously shared resources. Keep checking our PAR Webpage for details and appropriate links.  Any questions, e-mail Roger Janes.

I want to say a big thank you to Nicole Beaudry and the folks at Bells Corners United Church in Nepean, Ontario for these beautiful Slides:  PAR Worship Slides.

Called to Be the Church: The Journey: When you are ready to make good stewardship a core part of your community of faith, we are here to help. Each course has a specific focus, enabling you to set goals, create a plan, and be successful, including both learning and practical elements. Our next course, Getting Started in Stewardship, will run on June 11th.

A Stewardship Conversation:  Are you looking to grow generosity and involvement in your community of faith?  Do you want to learn the best practices needed to effectively reach out and build new relationships with those not yet participating in your church’s ministry?  Do you want to develop an effective leadership recruitment plan?  Why not book a Zoom or telephone call with Roger Janes and start the conversation:  Roger’s Booking Page.