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A prayer written collectively by the YAYA:

Creator God, be with us as we struggle to process, learn and understand the magnitude of the injustice in our world.

Help us be brave in facing our own prejudices. Help our eyes to see what is happening.

Be with the people on the front lines, and keep them safe from violence and danger

Creator God, seek us and challenge us to do better, to love bigger and to be the people you call us to be.

Help us to stand up for each other no matter what.

Lend strength in mind, body, and soul to those who are actively protesting these injustices and attempt to sway the minds and hearts of those in positions of power, so that change, and justice, may rise from the ashes of what has been lost.

Help our eyes to see even when we get pepper-sprayed and help us quench the fires of racism.

Open our spiritual ears to listen to the stories of the ones most affected and be slow to judge and offer our opinions.

Loving God, grant us the strength and compassion to stand together and make change, and justice for all those you created in your image.