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***UPDATED 2021-03-31***

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has been affecting Quebec since March 2020, representatives of various religious communities have formed a consensus-building table to develop a common protocol to ensure the protection of their members’ health during religious services.

In the current context of active community transmission of the virus in the province, any gathering of people can represent a significant risk of outbreak in a group or transmission between individuals. This document is intended to support those responsible for places of worship and members of faith communities in taking the necessary actions to prevent infection in places of worship. It also provides an opportunity to actively contribute to the response of public health authorities in the event of an outbreak to limit the spread of the virus.

Members of the various communities are invited to follow these guidelines in order to adapt their religious services, in accordance with their rites and in relation to their particular realities (e.g. type and capacity of the premises, conduct of the various services, characteristics of the community members).

Download the document: 2021-03-31-InterfaithProtocol-Worship