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On June 4, the United Church celebrated achieving 502 engagements in the Faithful Footprints program. This represents approximately 20% of all United Church communities of faith, with an almost 24% reduction in national Greenhouse Gas emissions! When we think Growth strategies, we may not immediately think of our creation care commitments, but our future as a church is directly connected to environmental sustainability. If your church hasn’t reached out to Stephen Collette at Faithful Footprints yet, I encouraged you to do so. You can learn more about the program, as well as grants available to United Churches looking to complete energy efficiency and decarbonization building projects. Learn about your neighbouring churchs’ efforts to “go green” and the positive financial and environmental impact this has caused.

Stephen Collette: scollette@faithcommongood.org | 705-930-1011

As always, your Growth Animator can be reached at tmullin@united-church.ca or by booking a time to chat at Book time with Tori.