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Although larger numbers are now permitted to gather for worship and other activities, communities of faith are reminded that allowable numbers in any enclosed space are based on capacity of the space with social distancing. Mask-wearing and other safety protocols remain critical for the health of our communities.

Many communities of faith were excited to hear that the government now allows singing (with 2 m social distancing and wearing of masks); however, singing is an activity that could increase the risk of infection so each community of faith should review the worship space for adequate ventilation and proper physical distancing, assess the risk and make a local decision.

Government Guidelines: https://cdn-contenu.quebec.ca/cdn-contenu/sante/documents/Problemes_de_sante/covid-19/Plan_deconfinement/21-210-112WA_tableau_paliers_vert.pdf?1625678293

REMINDER: Before returning to any activities in the building, all communities of faith in Conseil régional Nakonha:ka Regional Council are expected to have completed and submitted a re-opening plan to the COVID Response Team.

Visit web site for additional information on COVID protocols/resources: https://nakonhakaucc.ca/resources/covid-19/
Contact the COVID Response Team via Brian Ruse: BRuse@united-church.ca