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Entrance to Our Harbour Garden
Tomato plant
Woman holding ground cherry like a treasure on open palms
Woman tasting ground cherry in front of St. Lambert United Church sign

(shared by Natacha Sanson, St. Lambert United Church)

A crew of gardeners started off in the spring by transplanting a huge “old growth” peony from the Mercille side of the church to a flower bed near the entrance on the Notre Dame side.  The sheer joy of noticing, seeing then touching earthworms was our reward, a sign of how nature is present in the soil.

In May, we found several smart pots in our shed and filled them with annuals purchased in La Prairie and many geraniums that had been cared for over the winter months in the Clubhouse.  A few collaborators brought perennials that we were delighted to add to various flower beds.  We placed several smart pots near the entrance to create welcoming floral displays.

By the month of June, we noticed how the strawberry patch was producing a big quantity of fine fruit.  One evening, we combined harvesting with pleasure, and we made mini strawberry shortcakes to celebrate June birthdays.

Before the summer arrived, we had also planted basil, tomato plants, garlic, rhubarb, asparagus, cabbage, cucumber, pumpkin and ground cherries in various beds.  During the final meeting of Saint-Lambert United church Sunday school, children planted sunflower plants that they had started from seed.  Many partners from church and Our Harbour contributed to the variety of plants growing in the garden.

The summer was wet, and hot, and the garden grew as did the invasive morning glory vine and many weeds.  We met several times and had a chance to observe what was growing as well as insects and little critters busy in our midst.

At our gardening rendezvous in late August, we gathered 10 to 12 tomatoes and 1 cucumber.  We also had a chance to taste ground cherries that for several residents were a discovery. We also noticed a “surprise” pumpkin that may continue to grow until Halloween.  I’m looking forward to many more pleasant surprises.

Thank you to everyone who contributed.  It has been important to me to connect with each of the partners who showed enthusiasm: residents, Our Harbour staff, volunteers.  I love to share the joys of connection among us and with the natural world.

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