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This Easter season, why not explore how you share the Good News?

As this season of Lent comes to a close, as you reflect on the Holy Mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection, I invite you to think of your own resurrection story. Our stories of God at work in our lives are the Pentecost flame that keeps our faith alive, not just for ourselves but also within community.

I have been reflecting on evangelism as an activity we must engage in as a whole community. Not just to drawn newcomers to the Jesus story but, as Walter Brueggemann puts it, to help those who have forgotten remember and to nurture beloved children into faith-filled adults. Evangelism, sharing the Goods News of our liberating God who won’t even let death have the final word, is the work of everyone touched by the Jesus story.

Reflecting on our stories as individuals and a community, is a key part of sharing the Good News well. Finding your own God-language to interpret your experiences gives you the words when, as 1 Peter puts it, someone asks to hear about the hope that is within you.

But, what does evangelism, or sharing the Good News, look like for our United churches in 2024? How do we authentically and respectfully speak to one another and our neighbours about our hope? If your community of faith is interested in having deeper conversations on this topic I would love to connect with you. Whether you want to share your community’s approach to sharing the Good News, your concerns about modern day evangelism, or learn more about resources for your community of faith, you can email me at tmullin@united-church.ca or schedule a call at https://calendly.com/talk-tori/30min.

Easter blessings, church family.

Tori (they/iel)
Growth Animator – Eastern Ontario and Quebec