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“Tracing the St. James United – Montreal City Mission Community of Friends Journey”


St. James United Church and Montreal City Mission collaborated to create a St. James – MCM Community of Friends joint partnership. This was inspired by the EDGE Process – a newly minted United Church of Canada initiative that facilitates those willing to take a leap into the promise; God breaking open the church, breaking into the world. EDGE is a living web of new and renewing ministries and leaders in the power of the Spirit, following Christ, embracing God’s mission in the world.

When St. James United and Montreal City Mission embarked on the EDGE journey two years ago, we could not imagine the richness of the experience and the value of exploring our shared ministry. As this project has integrated not only the mission of each organisation but the needs of the various members, we feel that a fulsome evaluation has been completed.  We are now at the stage of documenting our journey and wish to share it with others.

This “roadmap” would be designed through gathering documentation and conversations with the EDGE team. They would then document our experience by 1) identifying steps taken 2) results 3) key learnings and 4) successes.

It would also support our “Community of Friends” to articulate critical strategies in order to deliver on the Mission and Vision statements. It would essentially become a working document from an internal perspective.

We feel it is significant in the current environment, where many United Church Missions are becoming more secular in nature, that we share our learnings. St. James United Church and Montreal City Mission are in the process of cementing and reimagining our collective ministry.


The Position

We are hoping to secure the services of an experienced writer and process mapping specialist who can develop the necessary foundation to create a step-by-step roadmap document.

It is understood that the profile of the Project Manager must represent an individual with a rounded knowledge of both missional and spiritual work as well as process analysis and strong written skills. For example identification of key learnings, how obstacles have been overcome, points of reflection for others who would use this document.


Plan for Project Implementation and Delivery (based on 10 hours worked per week)

Phase 1 – first two months

  • Gathering of existing documentation and interviews with key EDGE participants.
  • The individual would provide constant reports to a dedicated representative of the St. James-MCM Community of Friends team with status updates, identification of any challenges, and gaining clarification when needed.

Phase 2 – next two months

  • Creation of essay-type background document identifying the rationale steps required and lessons learned throughout the journey reflecting the “work in progress” nature of this project.
  • This would need to be reviewed by the core team identified by the St. James-MCM Community of Friends for final validation.

Phase 3 – final month

  • Creation of process map derived from the background document identifying key stages of the project, validation points, decision maps, and cautionary steps along the journey.
  • This would need to be reviewed by the core team identified by the James-MCM Community of Friends for ultimate validation.


Compensation and conditions:

  • This is a contracted position paying $30.00 per hour
  • It is anticipated that the individual will work 10 hours per week on the project. The total duration of the project is planned to be 5 months long. If more hours are available for the individual to work per week, the project completion date would be moved up.
  • Office space and tools needed (computer, printer, etc) will be made available to the individual.


Timing and forwarding of applications:

Applications to be received by: Monday, July 26th, 2021 Start Date: Ideally for August 15th, 2021.

Questions and applications to be forwarded to stjamesunitedmontreal@gmail.com